Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our little man is almost 1!

A quick update on everything. Asher is learning more and more every day. He recognizes words and he'll wave, pretend to talk on the phone, and all of those other cute toddlerisms although everything is dada, mama, or nahnah. Mostly dada these days. He's REALLY not liking his car seat even though it's new and big. I can't wait to turn him around, although last Tuesday at our Duke check-up, he was only 18.4 lbs. We're waiting until 20 lbs. to turn his seat around and at the rate he's burning calories, it may be a while. He's not a picky eater at all and I love that. He ate brussel sprouts this week and didn't mind them at all. I wasn't even sure if I liked them and after a quick sample, it looks like Asher will be eating them alone. Anyway, I have 2 cute new videos that I just had to share. Both of these are from today...

Asher is walking EVERYWHERE! He's gotten very confident and recently has learned the word "kick." He's not able to score goals yet but he sure does dribble! Oh, please excuse the hand towel on the floor, he pulled it down earlier. : )

This was just too funny not to share. Of course every parent loves to watch their child respond to tasting a lemon. Well, Asher has always had a slight reaction and then gone back for more. He seemed to really enjoy them. Until... tonight at dinner. It was like he'd never tried them before and it was shocking to him. Later on during our meal, he also began to make faces at his lima beans, which he'd had last night for dinner and today at lunch, so maybe he was just tired of the beans. Anyway, enjoy the expressions!

Friday, November 13, 2009

So, Brent and I decided to go away to Greenville for the night. To be honest, the trip was motivated by food. There are 2 restaurants there that I love so we went to one for lunch and the other for dinner! : ) We stayed at a hotel downtown so it was easy to walk the streets and browse during the day and it was still easy to get back to the hotel for Asher's naps. It was a great time to get away from house chores and just enjoy family.

We call our friend here, the suicidal goose.
There's an amazing park right on main street.

He was amazed by the tall water fountain.

Fall leaves at their best!

Our room was awesome. We just realized Asher doesn't nap or sleep well when he can see us in the room! We even covered the sides with towels but he still knew we were there!

When we first got there, he seemed to love his crib! I just think he was glad to be out of the carseat.

The kid loves to handle a steering wheel. He looks so natural too. Hands at 10 and 2!

Fun at the State Fair with Ansley- They hide their excitement well : )

I had to take this to show that it's official...he's got curls!

Fun with Papa...

Always so intrigued with the guitar...

First family trip to the State Fair...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Too Funny! You'll need to scroll to the bottom to mute my music. You've got to hear this little girl!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our little turtle

Ok, this video is about a month old but it shows Asher in his Halloween costume (minus the matching pants). I just wanted to try it on for size and reaction of course! The shell throws his balance off a bit. He was a trip! Scroll to the bottom of the screen to pause music.

Fripp Island with family, friends, and good food!

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com


So, I realized that I rarely update the blog...1. I rarely get on the Internet anymore, 2. Asher is all over-crawling, pulling up, following me from room to room so when he's napping, it's crunch time 3. I don't find Blogger to be a user friendly program, 4. So much happens in so little time that I feel there's just too much to post and write about. Needless to say, it overwhelms me. I've decided that I'm just going to post some random pictures and update as best I can when I actually have time to sit down. Hope you don't mind! On another note, I'm all for visitors to our home so let me know if you're around Lexington and I'd love to have you stop by and see the little man in action. : )

Friday, August 7, 2009

Asher is out!  He is a champion and true warrior.  Our baby boy is sleeping peacefully without the standard breathing tube.  Everything went very well.  Asher only needed 2 ounces of blood from mommy and me(we are not sure who's he got).  We will post pictures in  bit.  Thank you all for your prayers there is no doubt they helped so much.  
Asher has been in surgery for 4 hours and is still doing well.  They are working on the sutures as I type this.  Thanks for your continued prayers.
Enjoying some playground time in FL during Easter.
Taking a break from playing.
Sweet cousin Ella gives some sugar to Asher.
Cousin Brennan strikes a pose while his kung-fu grip holds tight to Asher!
The Petersen kids...second generation. (Brennan, Asher, Ella)
Enjoying the outdoors.
First flight to Mimi and Papa In FL.

My wife is beautiful...just like her son.
A child left to his own devices... notice the near neck-breaking stretch.
Soon he will be pimpin out the pegs on the wheels for his tricks.
First Sink Bath!  Oh I remember those days.
Just like Daddy, he loves his fruit.
So Happy!

Our Baby Boy!

Asher continues to amaze us each and every day.  Just recently he decided to crawl, pull up and even with assistance(a great deal of assistance) put one foot in front of the other.  He is such a happy baby.  His hypnotic smile has a new addition!  His first tooth has broken through and can be seen and felt.  We are so blessed to have such an amazing son.  

Today Asher went into surgery.  He left our arms after a quick and peaceful nap and walked to the OR with the Dr. in Asher style, observing the world.  We are so blessed!

Friday, March 20, 2009

New pictures

Asher gets so excited when Uncle Troy plays for him.

A view of my parents' back yard and pond. I LOVE spending time there.

How precious is he!

So obviously, we feel at home visiting my parents. Brent played with the tractor and I wore only the most comfortable clothes (and obviously little make-up.) Asher; however, dressed to impress. : )

Asher's first 4-wheeler sighting. There will be many more as long as he drives like Brent and not his Uncle Troy.

Foreshadowing of years to come...

Asher loves it when I make him dance. Brent doesn't like the cheerleader tone I use while making him dance.

He makes the cutes expressions while carrying on conversations.

Here's an updated picture with his friend Ansley. You can see he's grown quite a bit.

That's a comfortable baby there!

Whatching mommy fix dinner.

OK, so he may hate us for this one down the road, but I had to share it. I don't know if all babies' bottoms are this small, but we compare Asher to the bearded dragon. You know, the lizard with the wide abdomen and then it's body gets tiny where it's legs extend?

Another visit to Orangeburg. Can't you tell this is one loved little man?

This is when Brent's brother and sister-in-law came to town. When the babies are away (or asleep) the parents will play!

Asher's first trip to the Zoo. Daddy just gave him a meal on the run.

The fam.- Brent and Asher, Brent's brother Ryan, their little girl and our amazing niece Ella, and our sister-in-law Dayna at the zoo.

Asher watches Ella play

Brent and I were curious to see what Asher would look like with mommy's hair.

Asher loves his great-grandma. He was just sleepy. As bad as it may sound, Brent and I love to see Asher poke out his bottom lip when he's about to cry. It's just so cute!

Our little man loves to put weight on his legs. He's good at it too. Don't worry, Brent will make SURE Asher crawls before he walks. It has to do with all the muscles that are developed when a baby crawls. You'll have to ask Brent more about it.

We love Asher in overalls and he's got quite a few pair. The only problem is that they always seem to ride up and give him a diaper wedgie. At least there's plenty of padding!

This is from our first overnight visit to Orangeburg. Papa needed a Sunday nap too. Enjoy this photo while you can. Dad may force me to take it off. : )