Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whoa Now!

Ok, so Brent reminded me that not too long ago, I began my last post with, "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this age."  What a difference a few days can make because my little boy seems to be letting us know what he wants and doesn't want quite often.  When he doesn't get his way, he has a new head thrash.  He throws his head back and fusses as if his world is over something is just horrible.  When he grabs something he shouldn't have and I ask for it back, he takes off running, and I mean running all while smiling and looking back at me.  Ok, this is pretty cute too, but I try to remember my mommy discipline face.  He has also mastered the gymnast arch of the back when he wants to get down out of our lap or arms.  The scary part is I had Kindergarten students who had similar behaviors by this I mean fits when they didn't get their way.  I just hope and pray that I am doing everything right.  I often have to remind myself, he's still just a baby.  Brent and I both have undergraduate degrees in Psychology so there's a lot of analyzing in the Petersen household.  We think thought we have had everything figured out.  So, enough about my parenting worries let me point out a few of the fun things that have been going on.
     Asher has started cleaning up after himself!  It's so cute.  He's becoming so independent and HE wants to brush his teeth, comb his hair, wipe his mouth and tray.  Yesterday, I had him wipe up something off of the floor and without even telling him or ever explaining the purpose of a trash can, he walked over to the kitchen trash and threw his paper towel away!  He learns so many things even when we aren't teaching them.  I'm thinking for 13 months, he's a pretty bright little man.  Must take after his daddy.  I will however claim the strong willed, wanting to get his way, part of his personality or of course this could just be typical for 13 months.  : )

Our Sweet Boy

Finally facing forward! 

A sleepy boy after waiting in the hospital to see our new nephew Breck.  I love moments like these...

The Petersens

A day trip to Rock Hill for me to visit my friends and Asher got to play with his. 
Ansley (5 months older), Asher, Riley (11 days younger)

A sweet kiss from Ansley

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Nephew!

God has blessed my brother Ryan and his wife Dayna with a beautiful baby boy.  Breck William Petersen was born 8.3 pounds 20 inches on January 20th.  Asher can't wait to play!

A full head of dark hair!

Sweet baby cheeks!

Little Ella is already in love with her brother.  She will be a great big sister.

Brent, Ryan, and Chris welcome in baby Breck.  We were able to take a similar picture for both Ella's, and Brennan's birth and believe it or not I had the same shirt on in all three. (this time I planned it).

Breck January 22, 2010

Brennan April 1, 2005

Ella July 20, 2007.

What a miracle life is.  Thank you God.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this age!! Maybe it's because I'm a teacher at heart, but every day I can see Asher learning new things, naming things, pointing to things when I quiz him, it's just so much fun. His personality is amazing. I should have known this considering he's Brent Petersen's son. He's just got a great sense of humor. I can see where discipline will soon come into play. It has already but it's been simple things like, "no touch" "hot" more warnings than anything else. Well, he now likes to grab things that he knows he shouldn't and just giggle as he runs away with me close behind him. He grabs clean laundry when it's taken from the dryer, often my underwear for some reason, and he runs to dangle it over the banister upstairs! It's like he truly knows what he's doing and just thinks it's so funny. Oh, if you haven't met my little man, I hope you are blessed with his presence soon. Wherever he goes, laughter and smiles are sure to follow. Scroll down for a few photos and videos. (Remember to pause music at the bottom of the page to hear the videos) - Kristen

Ok, so this is the fun I was referring to. We stayed at my parents this past weekend while Brent helped with a project. My mom is Asher's personal comedian. She can get him to laugh like no one else!

Our oven doesn't get "hot" on the outside while it's cooking, although, it did the other day while it was self cleaning so I had to make sure Asher stayed away. He's so good now at identifying things that are hot. It's pretty crazy actually because they are things that we never taught like the grill, the fireplace (even when it isn't on), a pot on the stove that he can see steam from, and ovens at other places like my friend's house and my parents'.

Ok, so I asked him if he was sleepy and he was so cute as he layed all the way down on his blanket. I ran and got my phone to tape and had to coax it for video so it's not as good as it was the first time but it's still cute.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Secret Life of Bees

If anyone has the time to sink into a good book, or a good book on tape, I recommend The Secret Life of Bees. It is such a great story of the heart. -Brent

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Asher Updates...

Could he look any more excited about his birthday!?!

A little assistance since fire is a "no touch."

Our sleepy boy after an eventful day...

Asher had an amazing birthday and he was surrounded by many great family and friends. Christmas was also fun as Asher is quite more interactive than he was last Christmas at 6 days old! Every morning when I get him out of his crib I'm excited to see how he's changed. It seriously seems like he changes that often! He recognizes SO many words now. I started making a list and then wondered if it was really worth it because it seems to grow every few hours. His spoken language is still much more limited compared to what he understands and signs. Of course, he is only 1 year old! I know, I will appreciate each stage an not waste it while looking forward to the next.
My mom is Asher's personal comedian. Seriously, she can get him to laugh like no other. Well, her latest interaction involved karate chopping while saying, "hiyah!" Oh did he pick that up like the little sponge that he is. He's chopping everything and saying, "yah!" I even tried to hand him a toy the other day and had it chopped out of my hand with a, "yah!" Oh, thanks mom! No, I'm hoping that just as easily as it was learned, he will forget about it. Although, it is quite cute while it lasts. Kristen

Wild at Heart

I have begun my next book on tape. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. WOW! I have to say I have been really excited about getting into this one. I have had several people recommend it to me over the last few months and it has been great so far. I do want to say that I am not yet done thinking deeply on the other book, Crazy Love, that I just finished. It has really made me think of things in a different way, but I just couldn't wait to start this one. Anyway, Wild at Heart is book about the true soul and heart of a male. One of my favorite parts is when the author talks about how men are strong and fierce by nature, and that Jesus, though most always seen as kind and gentle, is both fierce and strong in the face of his enemies. This book gives wonderful support from the scripture and for someone like me who has only limited knowledge of the Bible, I find it not only fascinating, but exciting. I will warn you, it had me wanting to take a weekend and head out to the wilderness to find my true heart in self discovery camping trip...who knows, maybe someday. I found it interesting that I blogged earlier this week about people who don't like their jobs, and this book talks about how men, and women as well, get "stuck" in jobs and routines that are not true to their heart. Men need adventure and a battle, and if men can not find it in their everyday life, it will come out in another way. Having an outlet that either challenges us or allows us to create or save something or someone is mentioned often in the book. So much pent up anger may be due to a lack of fulfillment in our lives. I am excited to see where the book continues. Happy day...and let it snow!! Brent

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am so blessed! I have a wonderful wife who I am so in love with, a son who I am so in love with, a God who I am trying to Love more and more each day, a family I am so in love with, and each day I to am loved. What a feeling. And how fortunate I am that my son is so loved. We spent some time with Uncle Troy and his girlfriend Kayla tonight. I am so happy that Troy has such a deep love for my son, his nephew. I can see the future, all the time spent around those who want the best for him and all I can think about is how fortunate he is. How many children grow up without the deep rich love that my son is engulfed with? Loved so much by a God they have not yet meet, but void of earthly love. I appreciate all the people in Asher's life who give him love and prayers each day of his life.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We all have a purpose

Today watching some people work, I had to wonder, why would anyone do something for a living if they did not enjoy what they do? Money, security, a means to an end, feelings of being trapped, unqualified to move on, lazy, complacent...scared of change and risk? I have to say, I have had plenty of jobs in my short time here, Kristen and I joke about it all the time. Some jobs have been summer jobs just to get some extra cash; power-washer, banquet hall dish boy and server, substation employee. While others have been for the experience and the opportunity to try something new; Technician for an engineering firm, Calvin Klein sales, Home repair business. Every job I have had served me a purpose, and though some were more enjoyable than others, I can appreciate them all. I would not want to do any of those jobs for a living, or for a career, but they were magnificent stepping stones that taught me diversity, hard work, and helped to fine tune my future. I Love my job. My job is more than a career choice, it is a life choice. I am a teacher. I am a teacher and a learner; they go hand in hand. I try to learn everyday and I try to teach everyday. I can't imagine my life without learning, growing, sharing thoughts, inquiring. I would love to think that there is a job, a calling, a purpose out there for everyone. I am sure God has a plan and a design for us all. It hurts my heart to see people where they are not happy...especially if they have a choice. I pray that they will discover their calling and trust in God. He will not lead them astray. I am so blessed to have found my calling.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Crazy Love

I have begun reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Well, let me clarify. I would not want to offend any readers out there so i will come clean. I use the 2 + hours I spend in the car a day to "read" or listen to books on tape. I say reading...others would not agree. Anyway, back to the story, I have started "reading this book and it is about finding a relationship with God and truly Loving Him. I came to a part in the book when the Author was talking about how much God loves us. Imagine, he gave his only son for our salvation. What love!!!?? He made a reference to his daughter and his love for her. How much he wanted to give to her and protect her, and lead her down the right path. Being a new father, I have to say, my eyes have been opened to so much. Listening to Francis, all I could do was to picture Asher, my son, my first and only son, in harms way, mistreated, ridiculed, or even have his heart broken.. My breathing became somewhat shallow and a tear came to my eye. How could any of this happen to such an innocent soul? How could my perfect little boy ever be a target. I tried to imagine the Love I feel for him "multiplied by infinity and taken to the edge of forever" to grasp God's Love for us and for his son. Not only could I not fathom that unearthly love, but it lead to me to a realization that almost made me sick. Could I give my son Asher to save others? Sacrifice my child for the salvation of others? Wow! And then, to think that each day, I would live among thousands of people who I sacrificed so much for, while they never really appreciated my loss, my sacrifice for them. People would just take for granted what is, and not how it has come to be. We are so blessed and so Loved...return the favor and appreciate all that has been given to you.