Friday, March 20, 2009

New pictures

Asher gets so excited when Uncle Troy plays for him.

A view of my parents' back yard and pond. I LOVE spending time there.

How precious is he!

So obviously, we feel at home visiting my parents. Brent played with the tractor and I wore only the most comfortable clothes (and obviously little make-up.) Asher; however, dressed to impress. : )

Asher's first 4-wheeler sighting. There will be many more as long as he drives like Brent and not his Uncle Troy.

Foreshadowing of years to come...

Asher loves it when I make him dance. Brent doesn't like the cheerleader tone I use while making him dance.

He makes the cutes expressions while carrying on conversations.

Here's an updated picture with his friend Ansley. You can see he's grown quite a bit.

That's a comfortable baby there!

Whatching mommy fix dinner.

OK, so he may hate us for this one down the road, but I had to share it. I don't know if all babies' bottoms are this small, but we compare Asher to the bearded dragon. You know, the lizard with the wide abdomen and then it's body gets tiny where it's legs extend?

Another visit to Orangeburg. Can't you tell this is one loved little man?

This is when Brent's brother and sister-in-law came to town. When the babies are away (or asleep) the parents will play!

Asher's first trip to the Zoo. Daddy just gave him a meal on the run.

The fam.- Brent and Asher, Brent's brother Ryan, their little girl and our amazing niece Ella, and our sister-in-law Dayna at the zoo.

Asher watches Ella play

Brent and I were curious to see what Asher would look like with mommy's hair.

Asher loves his great-grandma. He was just sleepy. As bad as it may sound, Brent and I love to see Asher poke out his bottom lip when he's about to cry. It's just so cute!

Our little man loves to put weight on his legs. He's good at it too. Don't worry, Brent will make SURE Asher crawls before he walks. It has to do with all the muscles that are developed when a baby crawls. You'll have to ask Brent more about it.

We love Asher in overalls and he's got quite a few pair. The only problem is that they always seem to ride up and give him a diaper wedgie. At least there's plenty of padding!

This is from our first overnight visit to Orangeburg. Papa needed a Sunday nap too. Enjoy this photo while you can. Dad may force me to take it off. : )

To stop the music, scroll to the bottom and pause so you can hear Asher talk to you. He's become quite the chatterbox. He talks best when laying on his back.