Monday, October 17, 2011

A little video...

So, I'm thinking this little lady is going to be an athlete like her daddy. I feel like she's been scooting forever. This video is even several weeks old so she's much faster now. 

(Pause music at bottom of screen)


"Umm...I'm going to give her coffee."  Glorious!  He's done this several times, I just always seemed to miss getting it on video.  So glad I captured this one.  If you're my friend on fb, you've already seen this.  I, personally, could watch it over and over.  Sweet girl, she's such a trooper.  : )  Oh, notice how he takes the time to scrape the cup clean.  Love my kiddos.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have a minute!

     Look at me!  I'm back!  It's 10:30 and I should be doing other productive things but Brent is in the backyard with friends watching football around the fire pit and the kids are asleep.  So, we just got back from a mountain vacation with my parents to Sapphire Valley and it was AMAZING!  I ate so many sweets.  I truly acted as if my entire mission for the trip was to find pastries.  I always complain that there's no small bakery in Lexington or even Columbia that I can visit.  Yes, we have cupcake shops and Krispy Kreme and oh yes, I am a fan but I'm looking for a non-chain bakery that smells of yeast and sugar when you open the door.  Ones that sell bow ties and bear claws and apple fritters.  There's Tiffany's over on Two Notch but if you know of others, please share.  Wow, I seriously sound like I have a problem and I do have a small one.
     Anyway, I would love to share pictures but they have yet to be loaded to my laptop and I really don't want to take the time to do it now.  My laptop is basically out of space so I now have to work through my external hard drive and it's just not too fun.  So, I decided to open a recent folder and share a few from it.  I immediately found myself smiling and loving these next few pictures.  They were taken in September while we were at Fripp Island.  They are so genuine.  A true moment captured through the lens.  It's one of my favorite times; Mornings that Brent is off from work, first thing, but hopefully not too early.  Usually, Brent goes to get Asher.  Seriously, you should hear the disappointment from him when it's me.  I go and get Sloan.  We then meet back up in bed to cuddle and chat.  

Test Shot
(No flash looks best but often leads to blurred shots.  If you know how I can change this, please share.)

Attempt #1: Ha!

Attempt #2:  HAHAHAHAHA!

Attempt #3:  Well, not frame worthy but I SO love it. 

     Yep, that's my family.  My little family of 4.  I am often amazed at the love that I'm capable of feeling for these guys.  I'll admit, the first 2, maybe even 3 months of Sloan's life I wanted to fast forward.  I was having emotional issues, Sloan had colic, I was sure I would never leave the house again, Brent went out of town for 2 weeks, and my perfect Asher schedule had been rocked.  Well, Sloan just turned 6 months, Asher is almost 3 and they could not be more fun. 
     Asher tells the best stories that always begin with, "One day...," he's so, so smart, he has the best sense of humor, and he says the best blessings.  One night after dinner at the mountains, a man stopped me as we were walking out of a restaurant and said, "So, is the whole family a Gamecock fan or just the little guy?"  Ha!  He had heard Asher thank God for the Gamecocks in his blessing.  Well, the man ended up being from Chapin so we all had a good laugh.  Asher's blessings are different every time.  You never know what he's thankful for: The light, a lamp, a fan, obviously whoever is sitting around the table and he names each one, food, the day.  Just to name a few.
     Sloan is basically pulling up and pretty much crawling anywhere she wants to go.  She has a bow or ClippityCUTE (these are made by a dear friend of mine) in her hair ALL THE TIME.  Yes, they're precious but the sweet girl needs them to keep the hair out of her face!  She's got her 2 bottom teeth, lets you know what she wants, thinks her brother is her personal jester, and has a smile that will make you melt. 
     This afternoon, I took a blanket out in the front yard and sat with Sloan while Asher rolled through the grass, rode his tricycle, pretended to mow, and just showed me how fast he could run.  Tears come to my eyes when I think of how special these guys are to me.  I know I mentioned "blessed" in my last post.  Well, it is so true.  Now, I wish I could just put time in Slow Motion.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


     Ok, it has been MONTHS since I've made time to sit and do anything with the blog.  You guys have been neglected but it's all good.  I'm back.  Maybe not for long but this is a start.  Obviously, we are now a family of 4 and I could not love my kids more.  As you can see, they're pretty fond of each other as well.   

     Today, Asher even pretty much suggested that I have another baby sister for him.  Well, don't know about that, but love that he even liked the idea.  He also told me that when he gets older he's going to have a baby in his belly.  Well, I explained that his wife would have the baby in her belly and that he would be the daddy.  He then just restated that he would have a baby in his belly when he grew up so I moved on to the next conversation.  He has been the best big brother.  When she was younger, he would jump at the opportunity to lay out my supplies for a diaper change.  He now jumps to be the one to make her laugh when she's beginning to get upset. 
     My little guy will be 3 in December and Sloan will be 6 months on Monday.  They fill my days.  Period.  I would love to be a stay at home mom forever.  I'm not sure Brent agrees but I would love to pick them up from school every day if I could.  I mean, at what point will your children not need you?  I'm 31 and I certainly don't know what I'd do without my mom.  I thank God for her often.  Well, I don't have long.  Just wanted to do a little updating.  We're happy.  We're healthy.  We're busy.  We're Blessed.