Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Story of Us...so far

Oh wow, I've been away from the blog world for a very long time.  That would be because it takes time.  Time is precious.  So, we've got some pretty exciting news.  I know you would love for me to just go ahead and spill but you're going to have to wait.  : )
First, let me tell you about this amazing man I met in 2004.  Didn't really know him until 2005, but I was given a heads up on his amazing good looks in 2004.  I go to the physical aspects because I was unaware of his awesome personality at this time.  I really noticed "Mr. P" in March.  I was student teaching for my grad program and he was a teacher at the school.  By April, we were official.

April 2005
 Photo taken in Orlando, FL
at the birth of Brent's nephew, Brennan

By that December....December 19, 2005 (what would be our baby boy's b-day 3 years later) we were engaged.
NY at Christmas

Icy, red, cold left hand...but so worth it.

9 months later...we were married.  June 3, 2006

Check it..I'm a wife! : )

Where in the world is all of this going, you ask?  Well, a family has been built around this beautiful relationship.  It would not be a family without these 2, and the crazy love that began 8 years ago.  I am beyond blessed with this man and what he means to me and his beautiful babies.  A preacher once shared, "stop focusing on your kids.... if you focus on your spouse, your kids will turn out just fine."

Well, on to those beautiful babies....
Asher- Dec. 19, 2008- Our thinker, leader, listener, silly boy will a great sense of humor
Sloan- April 10, 2011- Whoa momma...our smart, strong willed, crazy girl who can make everyone laugh 

Wow, do these beautiful babies bring JOY.  Such joy.  A fullness to this house that is only capable from little feet, loud voices, "Mom, Mom, Mom,"screams of glee and screams of dissatisfaction (and these can be within seconds of each other), and such gratefullness to The One above who has blessed us with it all.

And still, we prayed.  Can we say we are done?  Brent knows that by the end of my day as a stay at home mom...I'm done.  As a self-employeed business owner, our bank account isn't quite what it once was.  Our private insurance has no maternity.  A $10,000 or so third child is in question here.  Is money what it's all about or is it my sanity by the end of the day?  So many questions...so many prayers...but still, our arms felt they could hold a little more.  Could our family photo be a little more full? 

(there is a little space there in the middle)  : )

God decided it could.
And now folks, after all of that waiting...  Brent and I are thrilled to announce that the 3rd and final chapter of the Petersen family will be joining us around March 10, 2014.  Asher will turn 5 the December before, and Sloan will turn 3 the following month.  Sounds like His perfect plan to me.  Thanking God for our many blessings as we will soon be The Petersen's, Party of 5!

Aug. 5, 2013
Waiting at our 9 wk appt.
 *Disclosure: Electronics are loved but highly monitored.  This is quite a treat.

And the reveal...
little brother or sister at 9 wks.

 Currently, 11 wks. Feeling great for the most part!