Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love this expression...
To think he's now 2 months and this is part of the outfit I had brought for him to wear home from the hospital. Ha! According to the pediatrician, Asher's in the 1 percentile on length. We'll see how that changes because he seems to grow overnight!

Uncle Troy can't get enought. He really knows how to bring out the smiles too. The challenge is keeping his attention long enough to get him to smile.

This would be a rare day where I made it out of my PJ's and actually left the house. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving PJ's.

Smiles are coming a little easier these days and I'm loving it! : )

Now that's a cute bottom...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our first family trip to the Lake Murray dam. The weather was amazing!

Asher's first pair of faux shoes (they're socks). Here he's ready for a run.

Nah Nah holds Asher as he wears his first pair of real shoes.

Happy Asher
Sad Asher

Everyone says that Asher looks like his dad. This is us putting it to the test. : )

Happy Asher

Sad Asher

This is one of my good friends, college roommates, and she was due to have Riley the day after Asher was due. Oh, her name is Kristen too. Asher and I went to Rock Hill to visit her for the day. I think Asher was a little tired of all the photos at this point.

Asher visited his good friend Riley. She wanted to chat but he just wasn't that interested.

Ok, Brent has been keeping up with this but he wants me to take over a little so....I'll do my best. I do know there are a lot of great pictures that we haven't shared so I'll get some of those up for you guys to enjoy!