Monday, November 15, 2010

What's this? I have a moment!

     So, I decided to travel to Orangeburg for the day.  Actually, Asher decided by saying, "Nah Nah's toys?" as I got him from his crib this morning.  I had planned on finishing dusting and vacuuming the upstairs but I liked Asher's idea a little more.  : )  So, after breakfast we headed to see Nah Nah, Papa, and Uncle Troy.  Lunch at House of Pizza is always a plus.  Oh, and I guess I'm officially showing because I had a lady say, "I thought you were pregnant but I was afraid to ask."  Yes, I'm 4 months along and at that in between, awkward, "is she just pudgy?", stage.  I don't mind though because the elastic waistbands are out and they're glorious!
     There's something so wonderful about coming home.  It's kind of like a mini vacation.  Food is prepared and provided for me.  Love is abundant- not only for me but also for my son.  My "To Do" list goes out the window.

     Haha, OK, that was all from Nov. 10.  I'm going to guess Asher woke up or my ADD kicked in and I moved on to something else.  Actually, I just told me that she had taped the Oprah episode where the family lost their 3 children in a car accident and then they were blessed with triplets.  I was in Cape Cod when that episode was on and had missed it.

     It's actually now, Nov. 15 and I'm in Orangeburg again!  Brent, Asher, and I made the trip yesterday for lunch.  We brought the trailer with all of our palms and seasonal outdoor plants to put in my parents' greenhouse.  Brent and I drove separately so that he could leave early this morning and head to work while I get the day to spend with family (and have Brent's car serviced at my dad's station).  Mom, Asher, and I enjoyed breakfast together; mom, dad, Asher, and I enjoyed lunch; and mom and dad have meetings tonight so Troy, Asher, and I are going out for dinner before I head back to Lexington.

     I guess I want to take a moment to Thank God for so, so many things.  I am thankful for an amazing family who loves and supports me, for a husband who works hard and supports the freedom I have with my days, for a beautiful son who loves life and adventure, and for the new baby who's now not just bumping but kicking around in my belly.  As I pray for others whose family members are ill, I am so thankful for the health of all of those who mean the most to me...  

Out at my parent's property...

And, one of the bump just for fun.  : )
19 weeks and counting!