Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome Fall?

Ok, we're excited about all the seasonal changes and (somewhat) cooler weather.  I'm actually really excited about our electricity bill because our air/heat has not had to turn on.  We decided to take a family trip down the road to a local tree farm for some great fall photos.  Poor Asher...in the photo below I had him in a sweater and it was 85 degrees outside!  Don't worry, we were quick and I brought a shirt for him to change into.  As you can see, he didn't seem to mind the temperature...

Welcome Fall, we're glad to have you and look forward to all of the changes you bring.  (I, personally, am looking forward to the elastic waistbands)  : )

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh my, Oh my...

Asher lifted Mickey off the potty, looked inside, and said, "Nope." : )

     Ok, let me begin with saying we are against Asher watching TV.  Fortunately, he's never been very interested.  I think watching TV means being still and he's just not into that.  Well, at some point I must have shown him Mickey Mouse and now he requests it if the TV is being turned on.  I do let him watch the 8:00 morning episode while he enjoys his morning milk.  I actually love this time because we cuddle and enjoy the show together.  My mom even found a Mickey Mouse that's about Asher's size that he enjoys.  So, when it came time to consider a Halloween costume, it only seemed right that we let our little guy be Mickey Mouse.  Well, last year I went with the already put together store bought outfit and decided to get creative this year so I'm piecing together parts from different stores but I think he's going to be super cute- as always.  : )
     While searching for parts to his costume, we came across this lion outfit.  I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed until I cried.  Well, this lion costume had me rolling.  Asher wasn't a huge fan so we let him take it off before I realized I must have it on film.  So, here's a video showing Asher in the lion top.  He was probably wondering why we had freed him only to put him right back in it.  I kind of wish we had purchased it just to have a good laugh later on. 

(Scroll to bottom of screen to pause music.)