Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's ALMOST that time!!!

So, it's March 29...I'm due April 11.  Asher would have been born on March 21, the day I turned 37 weeks.  I'm now 38 weeks and counting.  Yep, she's gaining one half to one ounce EVERY DAY!  I think of how crazy this time is.  The life of my little family of 3 is going to change drastically and I have to admit, thinking that I can say "the kids" while referring to my own family rocks my little world and makes me feel old.  It's so hard to fathom that I'm going to love little Sloan with the same passion and intensity that I love Asher.  So much of my time now is focused on buying, preparing, and planning.  Honestly, it's quite frightening knowing that having Asher is already like having my heart so vulnerable but now it will be doubly so.  I can't wait to see if she looks like Asher?  Will she have the same beautiful beach blonde hair?  Will she be under 8 lbs.?  Yikes- I'm already thinking not.  This baby girl can stretch so far across my abdomen that I feel she's got to be long, I was.  I was also 8 lbs. 6 oz.  Let's just say, I can't wait to hold her in my arms and have my child content in my arms again.  Asher will cuddle, just not for long.  : ) 

On to my little nesting project from yesterday... Asher has a little fabric square that we keep in the car and call his "lulla bug."  I'm not sure he's necessarily attached but it's just habit that it stays in the car and goes into his lap for car rides.  He leaves it there and I believe it gives an element of coziness along with texture.  Asher's was from Bunnies by the Bay.   I have yet to find one that I liked for Sloan.  So, after having a sewing machine for 2 1/2 years or so, I learned to thread it.  I first had 2 dear friends assist while I made a pillowcase dress.  I got so excited I went out and bought fabric for 2 more dresses.  I also bought materials to make Sloan her own "lulla bug."  Yesterday, I actually sat down and pulled out the machine and gave project 2 a try.  I'm quite pleased....  

My 2 fabrics and ribbon choices

I pulled out the scrap booking tools, which probably haven't been used since college, to cut the fabric.  I saw this done in a tutorial.

I'm sharing all of this because, yes, I am quite impressed with myself.  I'm much more of a "sayer" than a "doer."  And this, I actually did!  Look out etsy!

So, Sloan now has her own little lap buddy for car trips!