Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just for fun...

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A little overstimulation at Babies R Us.  He first began doing this unprompted.  I believe he would have continued down the row had there been more.

This is from early August but just thought it was funny...

This is from a day I wasn't feeling well and had to create additional entertainment.  He did it over and over (when he wasn't using the cushion as a slide).

Football time!

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So, our family pulls for the Gamecocks.  Am I anti- Clemson?  No.  Does Asher have a cute shirt that says, "I eat tiger and my veggies?"  Yes.  Again, it was a cute shirt!  : )
Ok, after viewing the video you can't hear Asher's sweet voice as clearly on the blog as you can in the video.  : (  Guess I'll search through more video.  He really does have the cutest voice and pronunciation.

Friday, September 17, 2010

One year later...

I've been putting off this blog.  I wanted to post on August 7, which would mark the one year anniversary since Asher had surgery.  I guess I knew it would be painful to go back there, to look over pictures, and to re-live what we felt and saw.  The bright side is that we are now on the other side.  God watched over Asher, the surgeons, the anesthesiologists, the nurses, and all hands who were laid on our amazing boy.     

Actually, this brings me to another point.  I claim Asher as our own.  Our preacher mentioned on Sunday how with the birth of his first born son, he raised his son in the air and said to God, "He is yours.  Do with him as You will."  We spoke of Abraham and Isaac and the sacrifice Abraham was willing to make.  Our preacher mentioned how this promise, which he made to God, became more difficult as his son grew and felt more like his own.  This is something I will also be working on. 

Leading up to Asher's surgery, there is one song that moved me more than others.  The first time it truly hit me, I was actually sitting in the Zaxby's drive-through and I do believe I was hiding tears behind my sunglasses by the time I got up to the window. 

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The song is Blessed be the Name.  Please take time to listen, think of the words, and be amazed at how Mighty our Father is.  The part that got me the most was, "You give and take away, You give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be your name."  It was God's will to bring Asher out of surgery without complications.  But...even if He hadn't, He should be praised.  I still can't sing this at church without being emotional.  Actually, I love all of our music at church, and I am quite often emotional regardless.  : ) 
Some of you may not know what exactly went on during surgery, and I'll spare some graphic details.  I will say that the incision goes from ear to ear over the top of Asher's head.  A large portion of Asher's skull was removed, cut apart, and then placed back together in new locations to create a smooth forehead and room for Asher's skull to expand with his growing brain and body.  The CT scan shows hundreds of tiny dots.  Each of these dots represent a screw.  Asher has dissolvable screws and plates and I now know how strong they are because Asher has truly tested them in the past year.  Immediately after surgery, Asher had a drain tube, which was removed after 2 days or so.  His orbital bone was also altered and contains screws.  By the night of surgery Asher was so swollen he was unable to open his eyes (this is normal).  Swelling continued for 2 more days but on that 3rd day it went down and Asher was able to see through tiny openings; regardless, he was a happy baby at this point.  We kept ointment on his incision, his stitches dissolved, and even with his white blonde hair you have to look VERY close to notice the scar.  Asher still has some soft spots and with our next CT scan and Duke visit  they will let us know how they are filling in.  Just to show the amazing healing power of our Father and prayer...

The morning of surgery

Immediately after surgery

At this point the swelling was so bad, Asher was unrecognizable.  I choose not to share photos of the swelling at its worse.  I posted a picture just so that all who came in knew what our little guy looked like.

Eyes are open just enough to go home!!

God's miracle and gift to us, 1 year later...

So, right now, all is well!  And I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but as our preacher has said before, "If you aren't in your storm now, I can guarantee one day you will be."  Take time to listen to track 10 below or for lyrics click here and remember who to turn to in your time of need.